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Slivere Almonds

Slivere Almonds Exporter In India

Slivere Almonds are a premium variety of almonds that is known for their delicate flavor and creamy texture. The Slivere almond is slightly smaller than other varieties of almonds, and it has a light brown skin that is almost translucent. The flavor of Slivere almonds is sweet and delicate, with hints of vanilla and honey. Slivere almonds are often used in baking, as they add a subtle sweetness to cakes and cookies.

N. Thummar & Co is a leading exporter of Slivere Almonds in India. We source our almonds from the best growers in India and process them using state-of-the-art technology to ensure that they retain their natural flavor and nutrition. Our almonds are hand-picked and sorted to ensure that only the best quality nuts are packed and shipped to our customers