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Brazil Coffee Exporter in India

Brazilian coffee comes from a wide variety of regions and climates within Brazil. Brazilian coffee is often nutty and chocolatey, but can also contain notes of citrus or other fruit depending on where it was grown within Brazil.

Brazil has fourteen major coffee-producing regions spread over seven states. The main producing states in Brazil are:

  • Minas Gerais (Sul de Minas, CerradoMineiro, Chapada de Minas, Matas de Minas)
  • São Paulo (Mogiana, Centro-Oeste)
  • Espírito Santo (Montanhas do Espírito Santo, ConilonCapixaba)
  • Bahia (Planalto da Bahia, Cerrado da Bahia, and AtlanticoBaiano)
  • Paraná (Norte Pionerio do Paraná)
  • Rondonia
  • Rio de Janeiro.

In these coffee-producing areas, there are a wide range of traditional and experimental varieties being cultivated mainly

  • Bourbon
  • Mundo Novo
  • Icatú
  • Catuaí
  • Iapar
  • Catucaí, and more.

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